Villa Gromo di Ternengo

night view park villa gromo

Villa Gromo di Ternengo is the first location that unites


                                                                                    TO THE INTIMACY OF A HOME       

An old mansion of the seventeenth century, the heart of the family estate in Robecco sul Naviglio, only 20 minutes from Milan...

Since 1996 we have been organizing wedding ceremonies, exclusive events and receptions, where nature and the past create a unique atmosphere.

Beautiful and charming, it is immersed in the greenery of its 16 hectare park, fenced on three sides by ancient Roman walls, while the waters of the Naviglio Grande make a natural barrier on the East side.

Going along the long and majestic Viale dei Pioppi, you cross the impressive entrance gate. The park opens to the gaze like a jealously guarded chest: secular and exotic trees, shady groves, orchards, ancient roses and romantic hydrangeas take you to the villa, with its characteristic baroque facade that ideally embraces the great Parterre, with its marvelous murky stone statues, in an elegant setting.

From the Androne Dipinto you will cross the cozy halls, which are also frescoed and completely furnished with precious ancient furniture, to the east wing of the Villa, where Limonaia is located, the classic Winter Garden with large and bright glass Windows, that overlook the park, where you can admire an enchanting landscape.

celebrate your wedding without any worry...

… you have the guarantee of an unforgettable reception


We are not a start-up company, but a reality with 22 years of experience in which we have learned to manage all kinds of events, ensuring the best service


For maximum privacy the Villa is exclusively for you and your guests. 
Use any space as you like, the whole location is at your disposal  

Private Parking

There is an easy to reach and large internal parking for all your guests and access for the disabled in all the dedicated spaces

Double "plan A"

In case of bad weather there are all the spaces you need to move your event inside without giving up to anything


No field or makeshift Kitchens, at Villa Gromo there is everything you need to prepare the highest quality Menu       

Trusted Advisor

We give you our advice for a stress-free and memorable wedding for you and your guests


Organize your legally recognized Marriage, Civil Union or Symbolic Rite in the park or in the halls of the Villa


You cannot compare any structure to the uniqueness and the charm of a majestic Villa of Delights especially created for its guests

Do you want a stress-free wedding?



How to organize an unforgettable wedding

We suggest you our...
Contry Chic Wedding: for you who want a sought-after reception
Fashion Wedding: for you who want to be absolutely trendy
Luxury Wedding: for you who look for refinement and elegance  
Winter Wedding: for you who love the intimacy of the fire-place and the Winter comfort food


Choose our Excellences as Wedding Favors

After a long and careful search, we have selected for you our line of wedding favors: precious fruits of the earth, ready to customize ... a pleasant memory for your most beautiful day!
mise en place antica

The Only Two

A single table for two people, a romantic and unforgettable appointment to give the ring, to celebrate your anniversary… Crossing the gate, enveloped in an enchanted and timeless atmosphere, the Viale delle Querce with torches and braziers will accompany you to the Villa, where once sitting at the table, the lights will lower and leave the magic of the candlelights.
The various menu proposals are based on a choice of fresh, season ingredients, combined with a fine selection of wines.