Villa Gromo di Ternengo

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Wedding Ceremonies


We can host the celebration of Weddings and Unions with Civil Rite, valid to the effects of the Law, with the presence of an Officer of the Municipality and the Mayor.

Organizing and coordinating an event for us means harmony, balance, determination, attention and enthusiasm, naturally transforming a reception into a unique and unforgettable event.

Villa Gromo di Ternengo is a family history, a passion that comes from far, the charm of a timeless place to transform your own desires into reality...

Cristiana Lazzari Wild

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Events & Business

A place of unchanging beauty and innovative solutions

The atmosphere of the seventeenth-century halls, the peace of Nature that is experienced in the gardens and the centuries-old park, are combined with the most current equipment to host any type of meeting and to ensure the success of each event.

Innovative solutions

It is a prestigious and highly effective venue ideal for hosting conferences, seminars, exclusive meetings, exhibitions, press conferences, product presentations, photo sets and for film shooting.

The possibility of setting up a stage in the outdoor spaces or under the portico allows you to host concerts and parades.

A lunch or a buffet can pleasantly complete the meetings and during work breaks you can take advantage of a walk in the long green avenues.

Each event becomes a happening

The silent and secluded context offers the possibility of organizing seminars and meetings even outdoors in the tranquility of the park and the gardens.

The charm of Villa Gromo will make any type of event unforgettable.

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Meetings and Events


We are at your disposal to set up business lunches, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, photo and advertising services and movie setting.

Available for the Guests...

  • a large illuminated parking lot for over 100 cars within the property;
  • the Limonaia, the classic Winter Garden with its large and bright glass windows, which can hold up to 130 people comfortably seated in one space;
  • the Rosa Room and the Renaissance Room for additional seating for a total capacity of 200 guests or for an aperitif;
  • the Music Hall, the Seasons Room, the Studio and the Androne Dipinto.