Villa Gromo di Ternengo

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Tailor made wedding... all-inclusive wedding

The question that we always ask ourseves is what we can offer of unique and different to our Spouses: something that goes with your desires, something practical, but also charming and sophisticated.

We have created an "all inclusive" formula where we guarantee the highest quality of our services, from the announcements to the favours.

We offer you a path designed to avoid anxiety and stress, so that you do not miss the pleasure of having fun and choosing... presenting you a wide range of options, up to the direction and assistance during the day of the reception, where all the elements will have to make your day unforgettable, to make you enjoy it intensely in every moment.

We propose three typologies ...

Country Chic Wedding: the passion for the research of the richness of the raw materials of our territory in a proposal for a Km 0 reception, respecting the seasonality of the products, combined with the only Milanese D.O.C. wines.
The freshness and liveliness of seasonal flowers...

Fashion Wedding: a fusion of styles, with international influences, but always an extreme attention to Italian cuisine in a modern version, combined with trendy wines.
A contemporary floral style, with exotic touches...

Luxury Wedding: the Author's cuisine ... the traditional recipes of Italian haute cuisine that are the basis of the knowledge of a great chef, in a mix of personal creativity and refinement of raw materials of the highest quality, combined with prestigious labels.
The elegance and refinement of the most precious flowers and furnishings…


Winter Wedding: the intimacy of the fire-place and the embrace and the warmth of the Comfort Food.
The delicacy of the Winter flowers and berries...

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